Custom Application Development - Developing tailored customized applications

Whenever software is adapted or created to meet your specific needs and perform specific functions, the process is referred to as developing customized applications. Customized applications are created for one user or a very small group of users. In contrast, packaged applications are created for a large, general group of users. Whereas a packaged application might meet most of your needs, customized applications can be tailored to perform each and every function you desire, within the constraints of the technology.

Of course, the more customization you require, the more expensive the application will be and the more time will be required to make it happen. It is important to balance the benefits of having all your desired features against the cost of attaining them.

The success of developing any customized application depends on having a good design and well-thought-out plans. Fortunately, Oceannet Software specializes in this. We make sure that our customized applications use the latest technology in the most efficient ways to produce business solutions that will let you rise above the competition, without breaking the budget. We pride ourselves on creating customized solutions that help companies of all sizes maintain their competitive advantage and minimize costs.

Our application-development processes are all driven by the client, because we know that our products need to meet your specific needs. Our clients define the scope of our work, and the criteria by which success will be measured.

The Guiding Principles of Custom Application Development at Oceannet Software

  • We initiate new business relationships through a pilot project so that we can learn about your business and technical requirements, and so that we can establish a level of trust.
  • We employ only people with the best education (most have graduate degrees), expertise, and experience in software development.
  • We strive to adhere to the timeline through the application-development process and are fully commitment to the highest quality.
  • We communicate via email each day and week about the exact status of our progress and our plan for the next steps.
  • We are always available via email, phone, and chat programs, offering our clients maximum responsiveness.

The Application Development Process

  • Once we receive information from you regarding your project needs, we respond with a proposal for developing the application, including the scope, cost, and timeline.
  • When the project is awarded to us, a system analyst is assigned to your project and begins the design work, making sure that we meet your technical requirements.
  • Throughout the process, we work with you to understand the scope of your existing software and business processes.
  • We provide you with a report of our analysis and a blueprint for the application development that specifies the application's technical requirements.
  • Under the supervision of one of our talented project managers, our developers begin implementing the plan that you have approved.
  • We send regular communication about our progress throughout the development process.
  • Once the coding has been completed, we conduct thorough software testing to identify and correct any bugs.