Web Application Development has matured immensely from the early days of the internet. Today, Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are getting the buzz. Oceannet Software has significant experience delivering Rich Internet Applications that are designed to improve the satisfaction of end users while increasing their productivity by providing engaging, rich user experiences. Thanks to the power of the internet, RIAs can be shared with many users at once while they access the applications through desktops on their own desktop computers.

Traditional web applications have less user interaction than RIAs do. Most traditional applications allow users to interact through only standardized controls, like buttons, form fields, and checkboxes. These limited opportunities to collect inputs restrict the applications' ability to become engaging and optimally useful. They tend to be clumsy and counter-intuitive. In contrast, RIAs give users more options for control and interaction. As interaction improves, errors decrease, efficiency increases, and user satisfaction improves dramatically.

The consumers in today's marketplace have higher expectations than ever before. To encourage brand loyalty, you need to engage your potential and current customers more deeply. RIAs can help to make this happen, because they are more useful, compelling, dynamic, and engaging than their more traditional counterparts.

RIAs are a powerful and inexpensive way for companies to reap may benefits, including the ability to:

  • Offer more engaging and compelling experiences for the end users
  • Continue to meet the rising expectations of the end users
  • Encourage customers' brand loyalty
  • Maximize profitability

The experts at Oceannet Software know precisely how to use RIAs to improve the efficiency of your business while enhancing the relationships you have with your customers. Our strong backend architecture coupled with the best technologies, such as Yahoo YUI, Scriptolous, DoJo Toolkit, Prototype, JS.Ext, Silverlight, Flash, AJAX, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, MS SQL Server, MySql, Postgres, and more.